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11 July 2012

Kiss those machines goodbye! (after they're sanitized, gross)

Jackson is troopin'. He is such a strong boy and even with the difficulty of being weaned off of the sedatives he is working so hard to get better. Yesterday was hard because he struggled with breathing completely on his own again after two weeks of being stuck with that ventilator and had to deal with the whole medicine withdrawal situation. Today he is in much better shape, the steroids they gave him are helping take away the swelling in his airway. His muscles that are in charge of breathing are probably a little worn out and need some recuperation so they've been letting him rest. Since the sedatives have been lowered he's getting closer to waking up, still not quite there. He seems to be able to hear people and listens when you talk which is great! We are anxious to see that happy and spirited boy again, and for him to see us.

I drove up to Savannah today with Trevor and Adam and picked up Rae on the way. We went to the hospital and met up with Momma and Daddy at the RMcD house to get some lunch. That place is fantastic, the people who run it are just wonderful and they take such good care of the families there. I'm so glad my parents can stay there and have everything they need so close to Jackson. What a blessing. So we all ate some lunch and then headed across the street to see Jackson. They have special counsellors in the hospital to help prepare little kids before they visit someone who's hurt like Jack. She was so good with Trev and Adam, she let them color pictures and hang them on the walls too. The boys went into Jackson's room and were super curious about everything. They wanted to know exactly what all the tubes and stuff were for and how they worked. Such little scientists, haha. I was happy to see that they enjoyed seeing Jackson. I think it was comforting for them to see their brother, it's been over two weeks now and I bet it helped them to see he's being taken care of. The hospital staff is SO AMAZING. The team of doctors and nurses and therapists and everything in between is great. Jackson's nurse, a young resident guy, even combed his hair and made him look all snazzy before we came in to visit. It was cute. All of them gathered around when we walked in and were excited to see some little youngins running around. We Ingrams are pretty vibrant, and those boys sure are entertaining. Maybe a little wild, but people seem to like it.

All in all, it has been a happy day. Basically no more machines, while we were there one of the nurses was sanitizing the ventilator so they can take it away for good and Momma said, "I won't be sorry to see the back of that thing!" Pretty sure she hates it. He just has some IVs, feeding tubes, monitors, etc. The usual stuff. But it's a good feeling knowing that we are getting closer. Closer to having our hilarious and sweet and smart boy back. I tried to make some cheese sauce the other day, one of Jackson's specialties, but I failed. I made it, but it wasn't as good as Jackson's. So, in other words, I need my eleven-year-old brother to teach me a few more tricks.

Through this entire process, I have known that our Father in Heaven understands our trials and tribulations. But today I was thinking about how He must have felt as He watched the Savior in Gethsemane and on the cross. The most intense and painful and agonizing suffering that anyone will ever bear. His beloved Son struggled through it all, and He watched and held back because it was necessary for Him to suffer it alone. How sorrowful He must have felt! What pain in behalf of his child. He knows exactly what it's like, He really does. However, there was a wise purpose behind the sufferings. In the end the blessings far outweighed the price paid. I know that this experience "shall be for our good" (D&C 122, what a great section!). For Jackson's good, for Mom and Dad's good, for our whole family. Once again, thank you for the prayers and love. Keep sending them his way. We love you so much!

Emalie: substitute little momma and mostly the sister.


  1. Ingram family,
    I found about about Jackson's accident (from Bethany at BA) last week, and have been following along with his progress. I am praying every day for you all! Your strong faith is such an inspiration! I sure hope that Jackson continues to make steady improvements so you can have him home soon!

    Love and prayers,
    Melissa Hincher

    1. Thanks Mrs. Hincher! It's great to hear from you and we definitely appreciate the prayers. Hope you and your family are doing great!


  2. WOW, you captured so much of your experience in this short post. It made me cry! I can see the progress - LOVE IT!! YAY - Jackson!! I love those "little-er" brothers of yours, too!! Their love of life, their brother and their curiosity will change their lives for the better by going through all this! Their empathy and compassion will grow even more through this difficult time! I was particularly moved by the number of people you mentioned who who have taken their jobs to the "next level" to make your family's life a little easier! No good deed goes unnoticed by you - AWESOME!! From the combing of Jackson's hair, to the counselor's assistance, to the RMcD's house staff it's neat to know how much love people have for one another. THanks for sharing - you are doing an awesome job - and I am sooo excited that Jackson is making positive strides. We are here - you know that - let me know how and where you need our help!!!!

  3. Em thanks for the updates and for being such a wonderful sister, sub mom and amazing example of a true disciple of Christ! Sending my love and continue to send prayers!

    1. Thanks Gabi :) I miss you so much! And your baby is just ADORABLE. Hope you and baby Carolina and Eddie are doing great!