Quite the handsome devil.

26 July 2012

Laughter is sweet medicine.

Jackson had a good day yesterday.  Lots of good response during therapy and when the kids came to visit he just lit up.  He laughed (silently) at the funny things they were saying to him and had his eyes wide open the whole time.  That was good medicine, for everyone.

Last night Jackson had some stomach issues.  They increased his feeds plus followed with a water flush and I think it was just too much all at once.  They are giving everything over a longer period of time today and he seems to be doing better.  He's a little tired from last night's ordeal but hopefully we have everything on track again.

Tomorrow we will do another CT scan and if everything looks good neurologically, Dr. Thompson will give us clearance to go to rehab.  If they are ready for us in Atlanta, we could go early next week.  I am so excited to get Jackson going in some intensive therapy.  I think he is ready to move ahead, too.

After seeing Emalie and the boys yesterday, I'm sure Jackson is ready to be home with his family.  Even though we have a long way to go before we get back there, that is the ultimate goal.  I know I have sometimes taken for granted how lucky I am to have such a great family and a comfortable home to live in.  Believe me, I'm not taking it for granted now.    Harold B. Lee once said that, “the most important of the Lord’s work that you will ever do will be the work you do within the walls of your own home."  My family means everything to me and I can't wait until we are all back home together.

Hug and kiss your kids today and tell them you love them!

Love to you all,


  1. Thanks for that sacred reminder, Heather... So grateful you can see positive strides being made each day. GO JACKSON!!! Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa! You are such a great cheerleader!