Quite the handsome devil.

30 June 2012

Optimism is our fuel.

Jackson had a good day with no major changes.  The cranial pressure monitor continues to stay consistently low. Our nurse tonight told us that the next CT scan is scheduled for early Monday morning.  If they like everything they see, they will most likely remove the big bolt in his head that measures pressure.  After that, they will work toward reducing the sedation over the following few days.  Lots of good movement when agitated today.  I put lotion on him and massaged his feet and hands.  The swelling on his face and around his eyes looked significantly better today.  From everything we can gather from the nurses and doctors on his case, everyone feels positive and is optimistic.  

Emalie and her friend Rae (who was at our house the day of the accident) came to visit Jackson for the first time today.  They said he looked better than they thought he would. They asked lots of questions and seemed comforted to see that he is being taking care of, and that he is moving toward recovery.

We are thinking of all of you as you are thinking of us.  We are so grateful to have such great friends and family.  Know that we love you!


Fasting and prayer, prayer and fasting.

Jackson did well last night. This morning he was vigorously bathed by 3 women and seemed fine with that. He has always liked bathing but I'm not sure how he would feel about the public display.   Brain swelling numbers are low and all other vitals look good. He seems comfortable and we talk to him a lot. It will be a happy day when he can talk back.

The on-call doctor from the neurological team came in and said how pleased he is with Jackson's progress.  We expect things to stay about the same or slightly improve over the weekend.

Our Stake President here has asked all bishops throughout the stake to ask the members to fast for Jackson this Sunday. Your support and encouragement mean so much to us. We love you!

-The Momma

29 June 2012

Cute nurses speed up the healing, right?

The occupational therapists came to exercise Jackson's arms and legs this afternoon.  Sara was working on his arms and massaging his hands to help with swelling.  I told Jackson it was too bad he wasn't awake to see the cute girl who was massaging  him.  

I went home for a while this afternoon to visit the kids while Ashley stayed with Jackson.  Everyone was doing fine there.  They have lots of questions about Jackson. Some RS sisters were there cooking and doing my laundry (hallelujah).  Trevor looks bad because of the bruising but is feeling much better.  Emalie has everything well in hand there and runs a tight ship.  She is such a trooper and I am constantly amazed at how responsible and unselfish she is.

When I got back, Jackson was covered with a beautiful quilt.  An organization in Savannah makes them for all the Pediatric ICU patients.  Brightens up the room.

We are tired but doing well.  I'm always glad to see Jackson moving and squirming when someone messes with him.

Ashley's sister Telie came to visit tonight bearing a huge basket of treats.  She drove all the way down from NC because she said she "had to come".  It was great to see her and visit with her kids for a little while.  She is dealing with her own medical Mt. Everest and we will remember her in our prayers.

Another day has passed on the long road to recovery.  We are so grateful for all of your support and prayers!

Love to you all,

So far, so good.

Jackson had a good night last night. (So did Ashley--I could tell from the snoring).  They've started giving him ensure through a feeding tube to his stomach (in addition to the liquids in the IV) and he has tolerated that well.  Trying to keep his salts balanced, urine output balanced, etc.  No major problems.  Other than the obvious.  He is still heavily sedated with fentanyl and versed, but we were able to get some good full body response from him when we helped the nurses shift his position today.  He doesn't like to have his mouth suctioned or his teeth cleaned so he shifts around when they do that, too.

The neurological surgeon came in this morning and checked all of his responses.  He said he was "encouraged" by Jackson's progress, which was exciting to hear because he is not one to throw out terms like that very often.  He said this weekend should be just a quiet resting weekend for Jackson and we are hoping for continued stability.  Maybe next week we will start thinking about getting the big "bolt" out of his head that monitors brain pressure.  Those numbers continue to remain low and steady which is a great thing.

Ashley and I feel so lucky to be able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house across the street.  It's a nice place with everything you could need for an extended stay.  We are still going home every other day or so to spend some time with the kids.  They are doing well and lots of people from both the Beaufort and Ridgeland wards are visiting, helping, bringing in food, etc.  Jake said he is in heaven with all the food.

We both want to thank all of you for the fasting and prayers offered on our behalf.  I know Heavenly Father hears all of the prayers and that he is watching over Jackson.  We have seen many miracles already.

I'll try to update again at the end of the day.  We love you all!

~Heather & Ashley

26 June 2012

Angels on the Island

As many of you already know, Jackson was injured today. A large swing set in our backyard collapsed leaving him with serious head trauma. We were so blessed to find him quickly and get help fast. We called 911 immediately and the paramedics happened to be on the bridge over Chechessee River, literally less than a mile from our home. That was but one of many miracles. They arrived quickly and life flighted him to Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. He is in good hands of the most capable and intelligent doctors around. His anesthesiologist was Bishop Thompson from Savannah ward! Having a Priesthood holder as a doctor is a wonderful blessing. Jackson is benefiting from a shower of blessings from above. He has a strong and beautiful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Lord has a work yet for him to do. 

I'm writing this on the 5th of July, and looking back I realize how many miracles have happened in Jackson's behalf as well as for our family. Today I decided to organize this blog to record the tender mercies we have experienced and keep everyone posted on Jackson's welfare. Momma and Daddy will also contribute to the posts. Our family has felt the power of innumerable prayers, Priesthood blessings, and angels from both this side of the veil and the other. The Lord knows us and loves us, He has extended His hand to lift and heal. Through hope and faith, prayer and patience, we take this day by day and look towards good things to come. Our gratitude to Father in Heaven and each of our friends and loved ones is overwhelming. Thank you for the prayers and love, we appreciate it every bit!