Quite the handsome devil.

29 June 2012

Cute nurses speed up the healing, right?

The occupational therapists came to exercise Jackson's arms and legs this afternoon.  Sara was working on his arms and massaging his hands to help with swelling.  I told Jackson it was too bad he wasn't awake to see the cute girl who was massaging  him.  

I went home for a while this afternoon to visit the kids while Ashley stayed with Jackson.  Everyone was doing fine there.  They have lots of questions about Jackson. Some RS sisters were there cooking and doing my laundry (hallelujah).  Trevor looks bad because of the bruising but is feeling much better.  Emalie has everything well in hand there and runs a tight ship.  She is such a trooper and I am constantly amazed at how responsible and unselfish she is.

When I got back, Jackson was covered with a beautiful quilt.  An organization in Savannah makes them for all the Pediatric ICU patients.  Brightens up the room.

We are tired but doing well.  I'm always glad to see Jackson moving and squirming when someone messes with him.

Ashley's sister Telie came to visit tonight bearing a huge basket of treats.  She drove all the way down from NC because she said she "had to come".  It was great to see her and visit with her kids for a little while.  She is dealing with her own medical Mt. Everest and we will remember her in our prayers.

Another day has passed on the long road to recovery.  We are so grateful for all of your support and prayers!

Love to you all,

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