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26 June 2012

Angels on the Island

As many of you already know, Jackson was injured today. A large swing set in our backyard collapsed leaving him with serious head trauma. We were so blessed to find him quickly and get help fast. We called 911 immediately and the paramedics happened to be on the bridge over Chechessee River, literally less than a mile from our home. That was but one of many miracles. They arrived quickly and life flighted him to Memorial Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. He is in good hands of the most capable and intelligent doctors around. His anesthesiologist was Bishop Thompson from Savannah ward! Having a Priesthood holder as a doctor is a wonderful blessing. Jackson is benefiting from a shower of blessings from above. He has a strong and beautiful testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Lord has a work yet for him to do. 

I'm writing this on the 5th of July, and looking back I realize how many miracles have happened in Jackson's behalf as well as for our family. Today I decided to organize this blog to record the tender mercies we have experienced and keep everyone posted on Jackson's welfare. Momma and Daddy will also contribute to the posts. Our family has felt the power of innumerable prayers, Priesthood blessings, and angels from both this side of the veil and the other. The Lord knows us and loves us, He has extended His hand to lift and heal. Through hope and faith, prayer and patience, we take this day by day and look towards good things to come. Our gratitude to Father in Heaven and each of our friends and loved ones is overwhelming. Thank you for the prayers and love, we appreciate it every bit!



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