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31 July 2012

First Day = success

We had a great first day of school!  Jackson has some amazing and talented therapists and caregivers.  He was sleepy at times but he worked hard and earned every nap in between therapy sessions.  Today, for the first time he picked up a towel and wiped his own mouth without being asked, pet one of the therapy dogs who came to visit, gave me a low five, and nodded when I asked him if he was ready to get back in bed. It was thrilling to see, especially the nodding which I hope he keeps doing since he isn't talking yet and it's at least one way we can find out  what he wants.

I feel so blessed to be here. Even after one day I can see how great this is going to be for Jackson. One of the therapists told me today that one of the greatest indicators of how well someone will do in rehab is the support of their family. If that's the case, we are all set because Jackson knows how much his family (and friends) love him and want him to get better so he can come home again.  I know Jackson would agree that we are so lucky to have so many people thinking about us and praying for us. We already miss all the friends we made at Memorial Hospital in Savannah who got us this far and made it possible for us to come here.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support!


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