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20 July 2012

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Jackson's surgery went well.  Dr. Thompson came out and talked to us when he was finished and we all agreed that we were glad we did the surgery.  There was a floating bone fragment that we hadn't seen on the scans, and a tear in the dura.  Dr. Thompson fixed these things, fixed the fracture and smoothed down any other areas he was concerned about.  He said he checked carefully and didn't see any other leaks or areas of concern.  That floating bone fragment could have had huge consequences down the road and we are grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed our doctor with knowledge and skills that helped Jackson.

If all goes well this weekend, and still pending final approval and instructions from Scottish Rite, we will probably still be on track to leave on Tuesday or Wednesday for rehab.  Dr. Thompson has ordered a CT scan for Monday morning and if all looks good, he will give us clearance to go.

Last week the thought of Jackson enduring another surgery, especially one to open his skull, was not appealing to me.  But after talking with the doctor and praying that we would be led to do the right thing for Jackson, we both felt very much at peace about this surgery and felt like it was the right thing to do.  That was definitely confirmed after talking to Dr.Thompson and hearing that he was also glad we did the surgery and that he was pleased with the outcome.  

The Lord continues to direct the events surrounding our lives.  We are so grateful for the prayers offered in Jackson's behalf and for the many miracles we have witnessed!

Love to you all,


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  1. These latest posts have, one again, touched my heart. I am in NY right now keeping up via internet. Thanks so much for posting!!! I wish I were closer to be of help where needed. My prayers are with all of you. Love, Lisa