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27 July 2012


Good news!  The CT scan this morning looked good.  Jackson's brain has moved into the space made during the reconstructive surgery last week and there is noticeably less swelling. Dr. Thompson was pleased with everything and has cleared us to go to rehab.  We leave for Atlanta Monday morning!

Jackson is getting a little better each day at supported walking.  You probably never think about everything that is involved in walking, but it involves coordinating a lot of different parts of the body.  Head up and forward, eyes focused, lifting and balancing on legs, core muscles keeping you upright.  We made a full circuit of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and by the time we got finished with that and rolled in the wheelchair for a few minutes, Jackson was exhausted.  I think he enjoyed it, though.  He is a determined little boy.

The kids are planning to come see Jackson on Sunday afternoon so they can visit with him again before he leaves.  Thinking about leaving here and moving on to the next phase, I'm excited and scared at the same time (not uncommon for me throughout this whole experience).  This is just what we have been hoping and praying for and I have high hopes and expectations for Jackson's progression in an intensive therapy session. This link gives info about the brain injury program at Scottish Rite Children's Rehabilitation Center at the Children's Hospital of Atlanta.  About halfway down the page is a link to a video that shows/tells more about it.  http://choa.org/Childrens-Hospital-Services/Rehabilitation/Programs/Comprehensive-Inpatient-Rehabilitation/  

Every night we have been having a "Family" prayer with Jackson, and Emalie has one with the boys at home.  We pray for them and they pray for us.  We are so thankful to know that we have a loving Father in Heaven who hears our prayers!

We love you all,

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  1. AMAZING video of your new "home away from home"!! All I can say is this program looks incredible!! Wishing you all continued healing and improvements for Jackson!!!