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04 July 2012

Priesthood Power.

It looks like efforts to keep Jackson more sedated and increase saline are helping.  For the past 24 hours his numbers have looked good, as far as brain pressure and heart rate, etc.  He only has issues when they have to do respiratory therapy, i.e. suctioning gunk out of him.  Last night before I left, the respiratory therapist came in and did the whole routine and Jackson was fine until he started suctioning, then Jackson bit down on the ventilator and they had to pry his jaws apart.  His numbers went pretty high and they had to give him a boost of sedative.  Took him about 15 minutes or so to calm down.  It definitely raised my adrenaline!

When we got back to the RMcD house last night, it all caught up with me.  Ashley gave me a beautiful blessing then let me sleep in a little this morning.  I am feeling more like myself today.  I have started to accept/realize that this may be a longer process than I initially thought, and that's ok with me.  It's certainly not easy for anyone in the family, but it will all work out.  We all want Jackson to do whatever is necessary to get better.

The neurosurgeon came in this morning and said we would do another CT scan in the morning.  Based on the results of that we will consider removing the bolt again.  Because of his issues with suctioning, they put a little bite block in his mouth which kind of looks like a pacifier.  This makes it easier to suction him, more comfortable for him to be suctioned, and also helps him take some practice breaths on his own. They did some good suctioning on him this morning and he tolerated it well.  Seems like he won't have any trouble breathing on his own once they wean him off the vent.

He had a slight fever this morning (100) but it went right back down when they gave him some Tylenol.  They have been giving him antibiotics all along.  He is also starting to digest the Pediasure a little better and doesn't have so much sitting in his stomach anymore.

Ashley is spending some time with the kids today.  Emalie needs a break from being Mom, and hopefully they will all enjoy themselves together.

So grateful for all of you and your support and prayers.  We love you!


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