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12 July 2012

His hands.

Jackson is breathing a little easier today and so am I.  They are slowly decreasing the amount of oxygen he is getting in his nasal canula, and he is still doing well.  They are also slowly decreasing the amount of methadone & valium to wean him off of those.  He is still so sleepy which I am sure has a lot to do with the medications that are still in his system to some degree, plus he gets totally worn out by the respiratory therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.  As respiratory therapy starts coming to an end when he starts to move around more, occupational and physical therapies will become more intense.  The speech therapist came in to evaluate him today and I'm sure that will begin soon as well.

An MRI is scheduled for tomorrow.  This will give a better and more thorough picture of everything around the skull fracture.  If everything looks good, they will be able to remove the neck brace Jackson has been wearing for over 2 weeks as a precaution.  A feeding tube will most likely put in until he can get back to the point of being able to chew and swallow again.

I can't tell you how much I have appreciated all of the encouraging texts, messages, phone calls, etc. that I have received.  Sometimes when I am in a valley emotionally, someone will contact me with just what I needed to hear.  I know our Heavenly Father inspires us to be His hands and help one another.  I feel so grateful to have so many inspired people in my life who help uplift me when I need it most.

My love to all of you,

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  1. His recovery has been amazing. All of Our hearts go out to your family.