Quite the handsome devil.

31 August 2012

Who knew we had a bowling champ in the family?

We took a field trip to the bowling alley yesterday.  Jackson bowled 117.  He got 2 strikes and a spare and every time he would raise up his arms in the "I am the champion" pose.  And he had pizza again for the first time, which he greatly enjoyed.  We had so much fun!  He got to bowl with his friend Brad who was in the ICU with him in Savannah and transferred here at the same time.  Both are brain injury survivors.  And both of them will be discharged next week and we are hoping we will get to join Brad for the Day Rehab program.  Praying that the financial part of it will work out. 

Working hard in therapy today.  He likes to negotiate with his therapists when they want him to do, lots of repetitions and tells them "just 10 more".  That's so Jackson!

Witnessing more miracles every day.  I know his amazing progress is due to the Lord answering all of the prayers that are being offered on his behalf.  We are so thankful!

Love you all!

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