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24 August 2012

Pray for him.

Due to some subtle (and not so subtle) hints that people want to hear more about how Jackson is doing, I didn't think I should let another day go by without sending out an update.  Jackson has had a good, busy week.  We have been working on stairs this week and he has gotten better at that every day.  He is doing most of the work and using minimal support going up, coming down requires more effort but he is definitely improving.  In speech therapy he has been answering questions by pointing to the words.  She usually gives him two choices, like writing the words Max and Jody on two papers and asking "what is your dog's name?" Or writing Trevor and Emalie on two papers and asking "who do you usually sleep with at home?". Jackson has been pointing to the right answer about 90 percent of the time when he is focused and attentive.  Our biggest challenge right now is coordinating swallowing.  Jackson has really been trying lately and really wants to be able to do it.  It would be great if everyone could specifically pray that Jackson will be able to regain his swallowing skills.

Another thing we have been working on is strengthening his left arm.  He has been using it a lot more lately and even thumb wrestled one of the doctors with it yesterday.  He is gaining quite a reputation as a champion thumb wrestler around here and can pin most people using his right hand.  One of his favorite things is to squeeze the putty they use for hand therapy here.  It comes in different colors, strengths and he enjoys squishing it.

Many people have been asking what they can do for Jackson or send to him.  I recently thought of two things.  First, he loves watching videos on the iPad of his family and friends.  If you want to make a video greeting and send it by email or YouTube, he would love it!  I know he would love to see and hear his friends and family cheering him on.  Funny videos would be appreciated, too. Another thing he might like, inspirational stories of famous or every-day people who overcame disabilities and challenges.  This can be books or just stories sent by email or printed and mailed.  I was thinking about Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Oscar Pistorius, etc.  Short stories geared toward kids would probably be best.

Looks like we will be here until at least September 5th, maybe longer depending on how Jackson continues to progress.  I have been telling Jackson about all the people all over the country who are cheering him on and praying for him.  I know this inspires him to want to try harder and reminds him of what's most important--the people we love.  Thanks for your continued prayers and kindness!


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