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08 August 2012

Brothers & Best Friends

Ashley brought all the kids and came for a short visit yesterday afternoon.  One of the visitors is staying with us for a few days until Ashley comes back. Trevor, my 8-yr.-old, is the lucky guest. Other than the fact that he likes to stay up late, Jackson and I are enjoying having him here to camp out with us.  They have enjoyed watching DVDs in bed together and Trevor cheers him on during his therapy sessions.  Brothers are very motivational.

We had a busy morning. Jackson started with Occupational Therapy at 9 am and he helped get himself dressed.  After that we went straight to physical therapy and he practiced standing and working on controlling his core muscles. Then we did some more OT and Jackson laid on his stomach and worked on holding up his head. Next we went to speech therapy where we worked on swallowing bites of Popsicle and ice chips. Finally we went back to PT and worked on the recumbent bike and walking.  Jackson walked about 50 yards, supported!  He got really tired at the end, but we were so close to his room (and bed) by then, that he got a second wind and cruised right in to the finish line.  He is taking a much deserved rest now and just has one more speech therapy session a little later.

A team meeting was held today in which all of Jackson's doctors, nurses, and therapists participated.  Seems like we are all on the same page regarding our goals for Jackson as an inpatient here.  The tentative date for departure from the inpatient program is August 29th. At that point we will discuss referral to the Day Therapy program here.  More about what that is can be found here: Programs/Day Rehabilitation    Hopefully that link will work.

It's hard to believe it has been six weeks since the accident. In some ways it feels like yesterday,and at other times it feels like we have been at this forever. Every day we are grateful for progress in the right direction.  We know that it is only with the help of the Lord that we have made it this far.  Jackson is working hard every day so he can get well enough to return home to all the people he loves.

We love and appreciate all of you!


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