Quite the handsome devil.

03 August 2012

One hug: priceless.

Today was a long but good day of therapy. Jackson worked hard at walking, cycling, fine motor skills, and efforts to communicate.  Still working on alertness but he is doing better every day. He held up his hand to wave goodbye to our friend down the hall today (first time).  Our new friends we met in the hospital in Savannah whose son also suffered a traumatic brain injury were transferred here yesterday.  It was great to see familiar faces and to be able to cheer each other on.

I see more and more of Jackson's personality emerging each day. He lit up when he saw the cool balloons Grandma Wilson sent, cracks up at things that amuse him, and removes things that annoy him (i.e. socks in bed, and the finger oxygen monitor).  But the ultimate Jackson moment was this afternoon when I told him I needed a hug and bent down and he put his arm around me and patted me on the shoulder.  And for all the fans of Jackson's hugs, yep--they're still just as good.

I know we are in the right place for Jackson. Each day of "firsts" confirms it to me.  We feel support and encouragement all around us and from our friends and family who are far away.  Jackson knows he is loved and that is the best possible therapy.  We love and appreciate all of you!


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