Quite the handsome devil.

29 August 2012

Christmas come early!

Jackson kept me up half the night last night.  He kept calling, "Mom, cheetos!" until about 1:30 a.m.  I kept having to tell him it was time for sleeping and we could eat more Cheetos in the morning.  This is like Christmas times a thousand.

Sure enough, first thing he asked for this morning was Cheetos.  We had a snack before breakfast arrived.  His first full sentence was "Cheetos are good.". All the therapists are coming by to congratulate us and Jackson is practicing saying their names.  Good news travels fast around here.

Lots more verbalizing all morning.  More requests for Cheetos and macaroni, and he keeps looking at me and saying, "come here" and then grabbing my hand.  That is the signal for"take me back to my room and put me in bed and let me eat".

I am running on adrenaline and pure joy today.

Love you all,

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