Quite the handsome devil.

02 September 2012

"I love you more."

Jackson is making up for lost time with his eating and his talking.  The doctor suspended all feeds through his tube today because he has been doing so well.  Yay!  Tonight Jackson is sleeping without any machines hooked to him, like a normal boy.  He has been talking more and more and can remember details about things that he knew before the accident, like what happens in his favorite movies.  He loves playing the physically interactive wii games during therapy and talks about wii constantly.  He is working the iPad like he has been using it for years.

Ashley was here visiting today and we so enjoyed having him here.  Jackson didn't want him to leave this evening and told him, "You come back tomorrow.". He is also remembering home and keeps talking about going home to Lemon Island. And he has been talking about his siblings and wants to see them.

Tonight we got ready for bed and I said a prayer with Jackson and told him I loved him and he said,"I love you more.". So grateful for Heavenly Father's blessings.

Love you all,


  1. WOW - your latest posts are so amazing!!! Thanks for letting us in on all Jackson's progress!!!! Remember I am here if I can help you!!!!

  2. Such exciting progress!!! Brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. Thank you for sharing. Prayer is powerful.

  3. We love you...

    The Beacham Family