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05 September 2012


We get to go to Day Rehab!!!  I went over and toured the facility today and I'm so excited for Jackson to be able to continue his wonderful progress on an outpatient basis.  We will be moving down the street to the Ronald McDonald house when we are discharged on Friday.  Jackson and the other kids will ride the shuttle every morning and stay from 9 am to 3 pm.  It will be even more intensive therapy so that by the time he is done (probably 4-6 weeks) he will be more prepared to start back to school and do all of the things he enjoys.

I have learned so much this past week.  There are some things we can't control.  We have to put our trust in the Lord and have faith that He will do what is best for us.  And that He knows the best timing for everything.  This experience has changed me and my family forever.  We will never be the same.  Our perspective on what is important in life has changed and our understanding of God's love has deepened.

Love to you all,

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