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04 September 2012

Cross your fingers.

Jackson and I have had some great conversations this weekend.  He has had a lot of questions about what happened to him and what has happened over the past two months.  He has no memory of anything that happened the day of the accident up until a few days ago when Ashley came to visit.  Today we were talking about some of the details of what happened on the day of the accident.  Jackson got very emotional when he realized the gravity of his injury and how sad everyone was.  He said through his tears, "Heavenly Father has blessed us."  I couldn't agree more.

Everything has been improving quickly over the past week--balance, walking, talking, eating, cognitive function, and memory.  We are all set to be discharged from the hospital on Friday and we are still praying that the funds will be available for Jackson to stay and do the Day Therapy program.  I think we will know something for sure by tomorrow sometime. Either way, we will always be so grateful for the opportunity we've had to be here and get all the great therapy we've gotten over the past few weeks.

I have been reading to Jackson all of the great emails and cards and notes that have been sent.  He smiles and says "That was nice. Thank you." We are all grateful for our family and friends who have shown such love and support and have offered so many prayers on our behalf.  We thank the Lord for all of you!


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