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23 September 2012

The home stretch, bubba.

Jackson has been doing well in Day Rehab and is very happy there.  He is making great progress both physically and cognitively.  His speech therapist introduced himself to me a few days ago and said that he had been gone a few days and was so amazed when he returned by how much progress Jackson had made in such a short time.  It's harder for me to recognize since I am with him every day, but after his speech therapist said that, I realized how much better he was getting at keeping his train of thought and remembering words.  He also moved from red level to yellow level this week, reflecting his status of being supervised as he walks around at Day Rehab.  That means his balance and coordination are much better.  We hope to find out this week if he will be approved for another 30 day grant, otherwise we are still set to be released October 5th.  This has been an amazing period of growth for Jackson and we are so grateful we have had this opportunity.

We've been very happy living at the Ronald McDonald House and we feel very lucky to be here.  We've made some great friends, including other families who are staying here and the wonderful volunteers who take care of us.  It's nice to feel at home when we are missing our home and family so much.  Ashley and the boys came for a visit yesterday and Jackson was so happy to be with them. He told me he can't wait to be home with his family and to see everyone at church in Ridgeland.  It won't be long now.  I keep reminding him we are in the home stretch!

We love and appreciate all of you and our thoughts and prayers are with you!



  1. Jackson, Heather and Ashley,
    We have been reading from your blog for months now. It is so evident seeing the Lord's loving hand in so much that is happening. Know that we (along with numerous others!) are still praying for you.
    Our son, who had an accident in Savannah January of 2011 is back out on his mission! His last email that he just sent included the following observation by him;

    "I am honestly LOVING EVERY MOMENT that I have been given to serve the Lord!!!!! I honestly wouldn't change anything-past, present, and future (cuz I don't know what it holds???). That means that I wouldn't change my accident or any of it... because I know that without it I would not know what I know, the extent that I know it; nor would I be who I am today without it! I am so very greatful for the pain and suffering that I have been BLESSED to have gone through in my life....Now that may sound a bit crazy, but it really is a blessing, the trials that we face in life, cuz if ya think about it God's gotta be trying to teach us something! Our task is to-FIGURE OUT WHAT???"

    From where you are today, your view of spiritual things will continue to be heightened. Your love of God and His Son will continue to grow.
    Know that God is in charge and that he loves you so much!
    If you are ever unsure of Jackson's progress, reread this blog in chronological order (we did of ours several times).

    We love you and pray for you continually,
    Love, the Fife's

  2. Thanks. When I heard he was back out on his mission, I knew that was a miracle. For Jackson to be where he is today is also a miracle. I have a clear understanding now of faith. Before, faith seemed very abstract to me. I know that prayers are heard and answered. Our tails in life can become great blessings- if we turn things over to The Lord. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers. Please let Elder Fife know that he is a great example to me and to many here in the Savannah area. I still have dreams at night that I am on my mission. Nothing compares to that time in your life. He will be blessed for his faithful service.
    -Ashley Ingram