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07 October 2012

Family Back on Lemon Island

For the first time in a few months, things are getting back to normal. Jackson and Heather were home for the weekend. He will be home for good in two weeks. Today he helped me cook some grits. We caught some redfish bait (fiddlers) and went on the dock to fish. My nine-toed brother Ed and his look-a-like son Chaz came by and actually caught some fish. My Grand Moma Rebecca aka Ma- Ma stopped by and pulled us away from fishing. Ma-Ma was thrilled to visit with Jackson. She is ninety-four and she couldn’t make it upstairs so I asked he so just sit in the car and I would have Jackson come down. She asked, “He can walk down?” He was in a comma the last time she saw him back in July. Seeing him in good shape made her cry. This morning Jackson and his brothers, Jake and Trevor, were in the Gopher Hill parade. As Boy Scouts, they presented the Colors for the opening ceremony of the festival. Jackson ran into Rev Timmy Padgett and his congregation on their parade float and got to thank them in person for their prayers. This afternoon Jackson helped me cook some wings on the grill. He entertained his good friend Rea this evening. We watched some general conference on TV and this PM Jackson’s prediction came true- the stadium was swaying in Columbia. Sunday morning I have to take Jackson back to Georgia for his final two weeks of rehab and with my South Carolina plates, I’m fearing for our safe passage. Here is a message from Jackson, “I enjoyed fishing and going outside and playing with my dog. We got to see some Marines in the parade. Thank you for talking to me and prayers and messages and putting my name on your prayer rolls.”


  1. This is great news. We have prayed continuously for a steady recovery. Walking, talking, laughing, joking; it is a blessing. The path is headed in a positive direction. We love you all so very much and think you have endured this trial like saints.

    When are you coming down for some Disney fun?

  2. So happy to read this awesome news!!!! Wish we could have joined you at the parade!!! Glad Jackson had a wonderful weekend!!! Lisa and family!!!

  3. I know Aunt Rebecca was glad to see Jackson, and I khow he was happy to see her, too. These next two weeks will fly by and he will be home for good. Our prayers have been answered, and we still pray that Jackson will continue to improve more and more.