Quite the handsome devil.

22 October 2012

Back at the River

"Back to the Island. Packing up was the easiest part since I knew I would be home early Saturday evening and be able to see the boys, my brothers, and the dog. I got a hair cut in Atlanta last month. I had to get another one in Atlanta and they took two hours each and cost $20 each. Today I went to Shorty in Beaufort- five minutes and ten dollars. I enjoyed my graduation party Friday and seeing my other graduates. We ate out and I had a real plate with real silverware. Now I get to be with my Dad, my brothers, my Mom- allll day long. I'd like to thank everyone for helping me get better, for the prayers that were said and are still being said." -Jackson

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  1. Jackson, I'm so happy to see that you are home. By the pictures, you look great. Hope you can get back to school with your friends before too long.