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25 December 2013

18 Months, Jackson Doing Great

18 months ago, Jackson got hurt in our yard playing. Today, it would be hard to tell. He had some plastic surgery this past week. When his hair grows-out, the visible scars will be gone. This video was one of the first things he reacted to after waking-up from his weeks-long coma. All he could do was make a soft grunt. He had not eye or face expressions- just a grunt. Heather called it a laugh. I wasn't so sure. We showed him this video over and over and every now and then he would grunt. The video is about 8 years old and it is Jake and Jackson mocking the Chef from TV. It makes me laugh every time.

Thanks again for all the love, support and prayers during a very difficult time. Merry Christmas from Lemon Island and the Ingram Crew.

-Ashley Ingram

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